As part of the  Piano Lauree Scientifiche- PLS (Scientific Degree Program), the Department of Mathematics of Pavia promotes measures against the dropout of first and second-year bachelor students.

In particular, in recent years the following initiatives have been proposed. They are confirmed for the future.

Preparation course for freshmen in Maths

The prep course is devoted to freshmen in Maths and it improves language, argumentative and problem-solving skills which are fundamental for degree programs. The course is given by PhD students in Maths and it takes place the week before the beginning of the academic year.

Assisted Study Groups

The goal of the project is to help bachelor students plan the study, overcome their difficulties and prepare first years Mathematics exams in order to against the dropout. Tutoring is organized in “assisted study” sections. The students split into small groups and study together and try to solve exercises and problems set out by the professors. During these sections, tutors, who are Master or Phd students in Maths, provide feedback and suggestions useful to clarify doubts, overcome study difficulties and plan efficiently the study.