The activity of the research group of Mathematical Analysis and Applications is mainly devoted to the Analysis of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) and Calculus of Variations.

Research topics

The research groups deal with different aspects related to evolution partial differential equations:
Existence of solution, uniqueness, asymptotic behaviour, attractors, control, etc. for systems of nonlinear PDE (hyperbolic, parabolic, and BV) in Banach spaces and metric spaces.

The group is characterised by an interdisciplinary approach which combines abstract results with concrete applications leading to numerous collaborations.

Among the numerous applications:

  • Free boundary problems;
  • Phase transition problems;
  • Mechanics (nonlinear elasticity, plasticity, damage and fracture theory);
  • Liquid crystals;
  • Cell membranes.


The group co-organises, together with the IMATI-CNR, the seminars of applied mathematics. The complete list of the seminars is available at the following link.

Professors and Researchers


PhD Students

Guests and collaborators