Research topics

The Probability and Statistic group mainly deal with:

  • Convergence of probability measures (stable convergence, empirical processes, exchangeability, Skorohod representation theorem);
  • Stochastic differential equations (Stochastic equations with Brownian noise, Stochastic equations with jumps and Levy noise, stochastic fluid dynamics, infinite dimensional stochastic analysis, probabilistic and analytical methods for the study of Kolmogorov type equations);
  • Quantum probability (quantum Markov semigroups, asymptotic and spectral properties, decoherence);
  • Bayesian statistics (proposal of new initial distributions: theoretical and computational analysis, Bayesian analysis of time series in economics).

Professors and researchers


PhD students

Guests and collaborators




  • PRIN2015: “Modern Bayesian nonparametric methods” (2015SNS29B002), unita’ locale Pavia;
  • PRIN2015: “Deterministic and stochastic evolution equations” (2015233N54003), unita’ locale Pisa e Parma;
  • INDAM: Progetto GNAMPA 2017 “Semigruppi markoviani e passeggiate aleatorie su spazi non commutativi”;
  • INDAM: Progetto GNAMPA 2017 “Metodi Bayesiani per l’analisi statistica di successioni scambiabili e parzialmente scambiabili, con applicazioni al campionamento di specie”.