Department of Excellence

The Department of Mathematics “F. Casorati” has been identified as one of the 11 Department of Excellence in Italy selected by the Government in the area of mathematics and informatics. The selection was published on January 9, 2018 by ANVUR, which identified 180 Departments of Excellence in Italy.

What are the Departments of Excellence

The Departments of Excellence are an innovative operation provided by Law 232 of 2016 (2017 Budget Law) which aims at identifying and financing, every five years and within the 14 CUN areas, the best 180 Departments of State Universities. These Departments stand out for the quality of the research and the development project. For this project, an annual budget of 271 million euros is allocated (source: MIUR=Ministry for University and Research).

Department’s funds

In the five-year period 2018-2022, the Department will receive from MIUR a total of 6,650,000 euros to be allocated to the recruitment of new teaching staff, to highly qualified teaching activities, and to research infrastructures. After the results achieved with the 2011-2014 VQR, this is a further confirmation of the excellent level of Pavia’s mathematics.

In Pavia, besides the Department of Mathematics, the Departments of Biology and Biotechnology, Physics, Molecular Medicine, Humanities turned out to be winners.