Research group

The research group of algebra and geometry is focused on the following topics.

Research topics

  • Algebraic geometry:
    • Moduli spaces of curves and bundles: Geometry of moduli spaces and their applications;
    • Algebraic Surfaces, classification problems, fibrations and topology;
    • Hodge theory, variation of Hodge structures, period maps, infinitesimal invariants, second fundamental form;
    • Rational function fields and geometric Galois theory.
  • Category theory and homological algebra
  • Derived categories of algebraic varieties and algebraic stacks, Fourier-Mukai functors
  • Triangulated categories and dg-categories, higher category theory
  • Differential geometry and hyperbolic geometry:
    • Teichmueller theory, harmonic maps and minimal Lagrangians, universal Teichmueller space, projective structures, hyperbolic structures with conic singularities;
    • Group actions on Kaehler manifolds, momentum map;
    • Lorentzian geometry, isometric immersions of surfaces, Minkowski problem.
  • Real geometry
    • Analytic spaces;
    • Sums of squares;
    • Regularity of the roots of polynomials.

Upcoming seminars

The group organises the Seminars of Algebra and Geometry.


Professors and Researchers

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