As part of the Piano Lauree Scientifiche- PLS (Scientific Degree Program), the Department of Mathematics has always promoted the “Mathematics Laboratories” as an educational model to teach Maths at all levels, opposed to that of the frontal teaching, and aimed at an active involvement of the student through problems, use of tools, observation, collaboration.

For many decades this model has been warmly encouraged by the national research in Mathematics Education and recently also by national guidelines for curricula, which promote the laboratories as the “moments when the student is active, formulates his assumptions and tests them, projects and experiments, arguments his choices, collects data to check assumptions, negotiates interindividual meanings”.

In this setting, in order to start the new PLS, the Department of Mathematics proposes:

Training Workshop for Teachers

Details on past training workshops are available here.

Guidance for High Schools

The Department of Mathematics promotes guidance initiatives for high schools:

  • Stage “Mathematician for 1 day and a half” for last year’s high school students.
    Organizators: Mirko Maracci, Enrico Vitali
  • Stage“Matematica Attiva” for third or fourth-year high school students as part of the Alternanza Scuola Lavoro italian program.
    Organizators: Mirko Maracci, Enrico Vitali

Next edition programs are still under organization.

Local contact for the Piano Lauree Scientifiche in Maths: Mirko Maracci.