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The Piano Lauree Scientifiche- PLS (Scientific Degree Program)

The PLS is an initiative developed by MIUR (Ministero Istruzione Università e Ricerca) to promote the scientific skills required by the job market to the students motivating their interest in scientific studies.

This goal is nationally pursued through the following strategies:

  • systematically introduce “laboratories” to teach basic sciences courses;
  • organize self-assessment and recovery activities to enhance student skills and knowledge required at the beginning of scientific undergraduate studies;
  • strengthen the chances of professional growth for scientific course teachers;
  • reduce the dropout rate among first and second-year bachelor students through new appropriate teaching methods.
In this setting, the Department of Mathematics of Pavia provides:

National Coordinator of PLS-Mathematics: Mirko Maracci.

Local Coordinator of PLS-Mathematics: Riccardo Rosso.