Stefano Gualandi


My research activities focuses on Computational Methods based on Mathematical Optimization and Constraint Programming to solve challenging (i.e., NP-hard) problems.

I maintain Spaghetti Optimization which is a blog related to my research interests.

From October, 1st, 2013, I collaborate with AntOptima, where we developed several industrial solutions based on Mathematical Optimization algorithms.

From January, 1st, 2011, to September, 30th, 2013, I was involved on a joint research project with MAIOR and ATM about Disruption Management in Public Transportation Systems. In a previous project, we worked on Bus Drivers Scheduling related problems, in particular we solved the Resource Shortest Path Problems with Super Additive Cost Functions.

In 2010, I have translated in Italian the following textbook:

If you are interested in Vertex Coloring Problems, visit the following two web sites:

  1. On-line Bibliography on Minimum Vertex Coloring

  2. Graph Coloring Benchmarks