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International Student Exchange

Contact: Prof. Ada Pulvirenti

This page provides information for incoming students attending a B.Sc. in Mathematics (Laurea in Matematica) or a M.Sc. in Mathematics (Laurea Magistrale in Matematica). Information for outgoing students is provided here. Feel free to contant Prof. Ada Pulvirenti for any question. General information for incoming students at UniPV is available here.


Pavia is a ''college town'' with 24,000 students attending its University. The University of Pavia is one of oldest in Europe, being founded in 1361.


Each academic year is devided into two terms (semesters) starting respectively at the beginning of October and March. There are exam sessions at the end of each semester and others in September.

Below you will find the list of courses available in the academic year 2015/16. Most of them should be  also available in  the next academic year; it is however advisable to ask in advance. Information is in English but classes are given in Italian.

Courses for the academic year 2015/16

Laurea in Matematica

First year

Algebra lineare (Linear Algebra) 9 ECTS
Analisi matematica 1 (Calculus 1) 9 ECTS
Programmazione 1 (Programming 1) 6 ECTS
Lingua Inglese (English) 3 ECTS

Analisi matematica 2 (Calculus 2) 9 ECTS
Fisica generale 1 (Physics 1) 9 ECTS
Geometria 1 (Geometry 1) 9 ECTS
Analisi numerica 1 (Numerical analysis 1)  6 ECTS

Second year

Algebra 1 (Algebra 1) 9 ECTS
Analisi matematica 3 (Calculus 3) 9 ECTS
Elementi di probabilita' (Introductory probability theory) 9 ECTS
Prorammazione 2 (Programming 2) 3 ECTS

Algebra 2 (Algebra 2) 6 ECTS
Fondamenti di meccanica (Mechanics) 9 ECTS
Geometria 2 (Geometry 2) 9 ECTS
Analisi numerica 2 (Numerical analysis 2) 6 ECTS

Third year

Analisi matematica 4 (Calculus 4) 9 ECTS
Fisica generale 2 (Physics 2) 9 ECTS
Complementi di geometria (Topics in geometry) 6 ECTS
Equazioni della fisica matematica (Mathematical Physics) 6 ECTS
Fondamenti della matematica (Foundations of Mathematics) 6 ECTS
Elementi di statistica matematica (Elements of mathematical statistics) 6 ECTS
Modellistica numerica (Numerical Models) 6 ECTS

Laurea Magistrale in Matematica

Type A courses are longer (9 ECTS) and provide the general foundations of advanced topics. Type B courses are shorter (6 ECTS) and focused on specific subjects.

Type A

Analisi funzionale (Functional Analysis) 9 ECTS
Didattica della matematica (Didactics of Mathematics) 9 ECTS
Didattiche specifiche della matematica (Specific Topics in Didactics of Mathematics) 9 ECTS
Elementi finiti (Finite Elements) 9 ECTS
Fenomeni di diffusione e trasporto (Diffusion and Transport Phenomena) 9 ECTS
Istituzioni di geometria (Advanced Geometry) 9 ECTS
Probabilità (Probability) 9 ECTS

Type B 
Matematiche complementari (Complementary Mathematics) 6 ECTS
Processi stocastici (Stochastic Processes) 6 ECTS
Biomatematica (Biomathematics) 6 ECTS
Storia della matematica (History of Mathematics) 6 ECTS
Teoria dei sistemi dinamici (Theory of Dynamical Systems) 6 ECTS
Finanza matematica (Mathematical finance) 6 ECTS
Analisi funzionale ed equazioni differenziali (Functional Analysis and Differential Equations) 6 ECTS
Equazioni di evoluzione (Evolution Equations) 6 ECTS
Geometria superiore (Higher Geometry) 6 ECTS
Matematiche elementari da un punto di vista superiore (Elementary Mathematics from an Higher Viewpoint) 6 ECTS

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