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Mathematics Education and History of Mathematics

The research activity in Mathematics Education concerns the study of issues related to the teaching and learning of mathematics at every school levels and is aimed at identifying tools and methodologies that contribute to its improvement. The main lines of research are:
On these issues, the research group is involved in several projects of training teachers.

The research in History of Mathematics is focussed on specific topics concerning the development of mathematics, with special attention to the 19th century:


Name Phone number Office E-mail
Samuele Antonini +39.0382.985660 E11 samuele.antonini (at) unipv.it
Andrea Maffia +39.0382.985629 C19 andrea.maffia (at) unipv.it
Mirko Maracci +39.0382.985659 E12 mirko.maracci (at) unipv.it
Riccardo Rosso +39.0382.985649 E8 riccardo.rosso (at) unipv.it

Collaborators and guests

Name Phone number Office E-mail
Angela Pesci +39.0382.985660 E11 angela.pesci (at) unipv.it
Maria Reggiani +39.0382.985659 E12 maria.reggiani (at) unipv.it

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