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Compactness and Structural Stability of Nonlinear Flows

Prof. Augusto Visintin, UniversitÓ di Trento

Sala conferenze IMATI-CNR, Pavia - Tuesday, October 3, 2017 h.15:00


After the seminal works [1]–[3] of Brezis, Ekeland, Nayroles and Fitzpatrick, maximal monotone operators α : V → P(V′) (V being a Banach space) and flows of the form

du/dt + α(u) ∋ h    in V′,  a.e. in ]0, T [,    u(0) = u0
can be formulated as a minimization principle, even if α is not a subdifferential.
On this basis, De Giorgi’s notion of Γ-convergence may be applied to the analysis of monotone inclusions. Compactness and structural stability of the Cauchy problem are then studied, with respect to arbitrary variations not only of the datum h ∈ L2(0,T;V′), but also of the operator α. This rests upon the use of an exotic nonlinear topology of weak type, and on the novel notion of evolutionary Γ-convergence, [4]–[6].
The operator α may also be assumed to be a multivalued pseudo-monotone operator, e.g.:
α(u) = −∇ · γ(u, ∇u)      ∀u ∈ W01,p(Ω), 
with γ lower semicontinuous (as a multivalued operator) w.r.t. the first argument, and maximal monotone w.r.t. the second one.
These results can be extended in several directions, and can be applied to nonlinear either stationary of evolutionary PDEs, including doubly-nonlinear inclusions of the form
Dt∂φ(u) + α(u) ∋ h      or         α(Dtu) + ∂φ(u) ∋ h,
with α as above and φ convex and lower semicontinuous.
This research is surveyed in [6].


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[6] A. Visintin: On Fitzpatrick’s theory and stability of flows. Rend. Lincei Mat. Appl. 27 (2016) 1–30

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